Artful Living Is A Way Of Life

Artful Living Is A Way Of Life

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Many individuals work hard and spend their hard earned money to create a space that is unique and artfully decorated. Some even prefer spaces that are art centric. It is a known fact that art work in various forms such as paintings, sculpture, antiques etc create a unique atmosphere, character and adds beauty to a space. Bangkok interior design services

An Bangkok interior design services or a professional working in the industry can aide in purchasing the right kind of art suitable for a particular space. Some experts even suggest picking colours for the home based on a focal art piece or picking artworks that add and create more interesting focal points in your home. Many homeowners are not all that knowledgeable about art and what it can mean in creating the perfect space. Some may have a notion of the design style they require, such as contemporary, traditional, modern or transitional, however picking artwork to match this style can be complicated. So here are some ideas to help you create your own artistic home.

Design aesthetic: Each individual space requires its own artwork. For an example colourful abstract paintings can create a more hotel like atmosphere in a home. So it is best to use them either in the work room or a place for meeting and relaxing. While traditional and classical artworks will not go well with modern minimalistic furnishing. They are much more suited for a location that sports neo- classical interiors and furnishings.

Inspiration: if you have a piece of artwork that you absolutely love, then you can use it to style and create a perfectly unique space. Some people use artworks on top of their beds or in their bedrooms or draw inspiration to mix and match furnishings, linen and colours in the room.  Some abstract artworks can help create unique textures and patterns within a selected interior. Eg: matching patterns on fabric to go with the abstract shapes and colours in an artwork.

Set the tone: paintings, usually on a larger scale have been used by many interior design Bangkok condo experts throughout the ages to create a sense of tone and mood in a room. Usually in such instances the artwork plays an important part in the room and is the central most attraction.

Colour: this is one of the most important elements in design and can make or break the design aesthetic and concept. Colours are known to create or stifle emotions. For example, pestle shades, white, and light brown colours create a more calming atmosphere, while strong colours such as red and yellow create positive energy and sometimes tension as well.

Therefore consider the above when embarking on your next re design project or consult the professionals to help you. Many professional organisations have contacts with artists and galleries that can help to get the best and most suitable artwork at the right price, thereby saving costs and time as well.

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