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Looking for a Designer for Your Site? Make Sure That It’s SEO Friendly!

Looking for a Designer for Your Site? Make Sure That It’s SEO Friendly!

seoWeb designers are basically individuals who are responsible for designing your entire site. But, the role of a web designer tends to be a whole lot different in terms of SEO.

You will find a good number of designers who are also proficient with SEO techniques, but more often or not you would stumble upon a design genius who will focus mostly on the graphic issues of your site! Hiring such designers who have nothing to do with SEO would eventually make your site to have a low ranking with the search engines.

Helping your Web designer with your own SEO skills could help your course, but you still need to make sure that your designer uses design issues that go well with SEO. You will be able to guide your designer only when you are proficient enough with SEO skills.  If your designer himself is a SEO-pro, your work becomes easier. Before hiring your Web Designer, you can check with his past work especially in the SEO department.

Make sure that his previous works are devoid of most of the obvious SEO mistakes and those sites rank well. You can also ask with your designer if he had himself done the work of optimizing sites with the search engines. Make sure that your new site is devoid of the following SEO disasters.

  • Relying Heavily On Flash: Most designers would concentrate on Flash and Java script to give a contemporary look and make it more responsive. However, heavily Flash-ed sites do not go well with SEO terms. Sites based on simpler HTML version fare better with serach engines. If you must use Flash, make it mandatory to have an HTML version of the same page.
  • Very Few Links or No Links: Internal links perform the work of backlinks which are very important. Though there is no need to hyperlink all of the text on a webpage to some other pages on the site, you will miss a lot of backlinks with very few or no internal links.
  • Using Images Instead Of Text For Anchors: Lacking anchor text is not going to work well with SEO. Using images instead of text for menu items could be okay, but too much scope on images will have a negative impact on your site’s ranking. If you need a good functioning site, there is no need to add too much beauty with images.
  •  Messy and Too Much Code: Your Web Designer must have a good idea about HTML; make sure that you do not employ a messy code or excessive code with your site. Keep your code clean, or else your site might fail to get indexed by most search engines. 
  • An excess use of JavaScript: Search engines don’t love too much of Flash and JavaScript alike. Failing to code your JavaScript properly would mean that your site is not spiderable. It escapes being indexed by search engines.
  • Over Optimization of Your Site: Over Optimization of your site has an adverse effect as well. When you employ keyword stuffing and such other techniques to attain high rankings artificially, search engines would ban your site from being indexed. (Even when you are not employing any Black Hat SEO techniques)
  • Dynamic and SEO unfriendly URLs: This may not be a site designing issue, but you need to advice your designer to avoid dynamic URLs while creating turn-key sites.

Being SEO friendly is a necessity for your site to rank sufficiently high up the order. Settling for any SEO unfriendly techniques could cost you dear!  If you are in Australia then you should check out a great SEO Adelaide company that can help you make the right decision.