Stop For A Second And Look Up

Stop For A Second And Look Up

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In conclusion, we must remember that a construction is a job requiring precision and maximum safety. Therefore, when outsourcing tasks, there is always a constant battle between quality and cost so to be successful, you must always strike that right balance to provide the best service. At one point in our history, people looked at the skylines and saw mountains. They saw trees and the wilderness and did not for a second think that our skyline could change as much as it has. The skyline of any modern city is completely different. For one it’s ever changing, construction keeping the skyline in this constant state of flux. For another, you can barely see the mountains. Instead you see buildings that soar up ahead of you, reaching for the skies. If you want to see the mountains from the city, you’re going to have to go to the rooftop of one of these buildings, on a really clear day – and see in the distance the shadowy shape of the monoliths of old.

Greening our cities
Many people mourn the loss of our skyline, and they are not wrong. Our change in skyline is a visual reminder of industrialization, gentrification, pollution and climate change. As rise, so do our buildings and so does the ocean. It is clear that we need to take a step back, in order to keep moving forward. We need to re-engineer our cities and make them more sustainable, more environmentally friendly. This can be seen in some cities, where clear steps have been taken to address these issues and move towards greener living.

It’s not all bad
As long as people accept the problem, and start finding solutions then things are not really all that bad. Human curiosity, human ingenuity and innovation got us here. Our growth is unprecedented. And while many of the problems the Earth faces can be linked to the spread of the human race, human ingenuity can still save us all. There are solutions to these issues, and with political commitment, adequate funding and just enough innovation, we can get ourselves out of this mess.
Progress can be inspiring
Stepping away from the weighty environmental issues for a second, it is true that the way we live, and where we live has changed drastically from the past. When our ancestors looked at nature – the mountains, the waterfalls and the ocean – they felt awe. For the better or for the worse, when we look at our cities, built of steel and metal, and think of how, as a race we have progressed from the Stone Age to metal fabrication Melbourne, the sense of awe is still there. We are capable of many great things, and as long as we maintain a balance between our growth and the planet, we should be just fine.

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